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Saplı Gastronorm Küvet, Delikli Gastronorm Küver, Standart Gastronorm Kapaklar, Kepçe Kesikli Gastronorm Küvet Kapakları, Derin Kaserol, Kaserol, Tava, Satöz, Kapak

Saplı Gastronorm Küvet Kapakları, Derin Sebze Tencere, Contalı Ve Klipsli Gastronorm Küvet Kapakları (Silikon Çerçeve), Sebze Tencere,


About Us


We have been operating in the field of kitchen equipment production since 1973. In 1991, we started production in our own factory with our "Boztepe" brand.
We produced items such as pressure cookers, household pots, coffee pots and teapot sets in our factory at first, In 2002 we expanded our product range by starting the production of industrial pots, pans and containers from 1 liter to 150 liters.
It is our strict policy to provide high standard and high quality service. Honesty is at the forefront of our relationship with our customers.